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Custom Profiles: Telescoping Tubing

Argyle Industries has the ability to supply close tolerance aluminum tubing that is suitable for custom telescoping tubing applications. By strictly controlling the inside diameter and wall dimensions of the female tube in conjunction with the strict control of the outside diameter of the male tube during the production process, we can supply tubes with a smooth, slip fit.

Though we offer limited stock sizes of telescoping tubes, under most circumstances the precise dimensional requirements of the mating tubes can only be achieved in a production environment. Therefore when developing telescoping tube applications, the outside, inside and length dimensions including the respective tolerances, should be taken into consideration.

When inquiring of Argyle Industries, please ask us about our tube fabrication and finishing. Our fabrication service includes but is not limited to cutting to length, punching and bending. Our finishing service includes both anodizing and painting.

We welcome your telescoping tubing inquiries.

Telescoping Tubing
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